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Art is about complimenting beauty in its most authentic form. It is not just a picture you take, but a story that you capture. A portrait is a moment that you capture to cherish for the years to come. A moment that you can share with your loved ones. A top portrait photographer like Dino Mosley can help you capture such memorable moments in their purest form.

Breaking the Ice

In the beginning, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera - at least most people aren’t! Unless you are a model, feeling that way is completely fine. To make sure Dino Mosley does justice to your family portrait as the best portrait photographer, he breaks the ice with conversation. Initiating and indulging in a conversation helps you relax and it reflects boldly in your portrait.

What it Offers

In today’s society, getting a job is becoming increasingly difficult. The competition is tougher and has gone beyond the boundaries of academia and into the portrayal of oneself. It is all about casting a great first impression. In some professions, using a professional portrait for your CV or resume can offer you that edge over your competitor. It can convey more at a glance than what your CV/resume would tell, about who you are. This is what compels people to get a portrait shot by a professional.


A portrait showcases your confidence. The posture of your body speaks volumes about your confidence while your eyes boast your ability to become the perfect fit in an organization. With all that conveyed, your chances of getting called for the job, elevate drastically.

A professional portrait can also be displayed at home. You can opt for a family portrait to hang on an entry wall, or simply get it captured with a special someone, and hang it in your living room.

We Capture the Best of You

We defy the rules of regular photography and add a creative touch to your pictures. Playing with the lightwork, the angles, and different shots, we seize a moment that will live till eternity. We are among the top portrait photographers, and make the most of our years of experience, our creative eye for the pictures, and our sheer skill in the field. This helps us to catch the most captivating aspects of your appearance, exhibiting the true beauty of your personality.

The Perfect Portrait

With the top portrait photographer in Los Angeles like Dino Mosley, you are bound to get a picture that will leave you in awe. We proudly welcome you to test our photography skillset by hiring us for your portrait photoshoots.

For information on how to book a photoshoot with Dino Mosley, call us at 323-332-1197. You can also email us at info@dinomosleyphotography.com.